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On 6 September 2010, the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, supported by the Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea of Italy opened the first Energy Info Center of the Republic of Macedonia.

The purpose of the opening of the Energy Info Center is providing free and instant access to information about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources to interested persons.

The work of the Energy Info Center focuses on providing basic information and increasing the knowledge about energy efficiency, application of measures for energy efficiency as well as increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Activities of the Energy Info Center:

• Improving the public knowledge about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources,

• Improving the basic knowledge of citizens about how to reduce electricity bills and other energy resources,

• Providing relevant data to support by institutions,

• Providing brochures, pamphlets and educational materials,

• Promotion of various measures and manners to introduce energy efficiency in homes, commercial facilities and public sector,

• Informing the investors interested in the procedure for obtaining the status of preferential producer of electricity from renewable energy sources,

• Raising the awareness of residents for reduced use of electricity, while retaining the same quality of life.

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