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Ninth “Gathering of experts in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency”

sobir_9The Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, on November 03, 2011, has held the ninth "Gathering of experts in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency". The theme of this gathering was: Natural gas energy necessary for Macedonia: Macedonian Review of potential energy. The meeting was held in the Journalist club in Skopje.

On the gathering, there were experts which are registered in the Energy Agency which have contributed whit their professional opinions for analyzing the current situation and the obstacles that we currently face.

The presenter of this meeting was the Professor Ph.D. Dimitrovski Dame, from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who gave a detailed presentation on "Concept of natural gas." Mr. Dimitrovski, with its professional presentations held an excellent presentation in which he stressed the importance of natural gas with a particular emphasis on the importance and benefits of replacing diesel with natural gas. Also, pay attention to developing of the gas network in the region over the years in Macedonia. At the end of his presentation, he presented some of the projects conducted by the Institute of technique and gas that are expected to contribute to increasing energy efficiency.

After the presentation, there was an open debate. During the debate were asked and answered several questions regarding the lack of adequate legal framework that would regulate of the use of natural gas and strengthening of the cooperation between municipalities in order to increase the use of natural gas. It also discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of both procedures Bottom up and Top Down.

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