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International cooperation

Legal and institutional frameworks for energy sector operation in the SEE countries are changing rapidly. A process of amending the existing and adopting new regulations is evident in almost all the countries, and new institutions have been or are being set up to implement national priorities, fulfill requirements of the EU accession process and obligations undertaken upon signature of the Energy Community Treaty.

Republic of Macedonia is one of nine Southeast European countries who have ratified the Treaty for establishing the Energy Community and pledged to implement the relevant EU rules on energy, environment and competition.

The Energy Community has a three-fold purpose:

1. To create open and transparent national energy markets capable of attracting investments in power generation and networks.
2. The establishment of a regional energy market is foreseen to allow for cross-border trade in energy, guarantee energy supply and ensure that climate/ environmental and social considerations are integrated in the energy sector operation.
3. The objective of the Energy Community is to have this regional market fully integrated in the EU's internal energy market.

In this regard, on international plan the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia further contacts and cooperates with many international organizations:

• Foreign government and governmental organizations:
- Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea of Italy
- Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany
- Energy Agency of Germany (DENA)
- Ministry of Economy-Energy Sector of Slovenia
- Energy Efficiency Agency of Bulgaria
- Fund for energy efficiency investments of Bulgaria
- Energy Efficiency Agency of Serbia

• International and intergovernmental organizations:
- World Bank
- International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
- Energy Institute "Hrvoje Pozar" from Croatia
- Institute for Construction "Jozef Shtefan" from Slovenia

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