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Tenth "Gathering of experts in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency"

IMG_6162The Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia on December 01, 2011, has organized the tenth "Gathering of experts in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency", which was held in the conference room at the Journalists Club, Skopje. The theme of the meeting was: "Energy controllers and certification of buildings."

The gathering attended representatives of the Energy Agency, as well as experts in the field of energy in the Republic of Macedonia.

The meeting was opened by the Director of the Energy Agency, Mr. Gechevski Lazar.

Two presentations were held:

1. Mr. Andon Kirov, a representative from the Ministry of Economy, with presentation on topic "Legal framework for training and authorization of energy controllers in the Republic of Macedonia".

2. Ms. Zeljka Hrs Borkovikj, Institute Hrvoje Pozar from Croatia, with presentation on topic "Certification of buildings-examples from Croatia".

At the end of the gathering, there was an open debate in which participants showed great interest in the particular subject, especially in the manner and procedure for certification of facilities in the Republic of Croatia. Also, the present made comments regarding the legal terminology and the way this area is regulated with bylaws in the Republic of Macedonia. Furthermore, it was discussed the harmonization of national legislation with the Directive on energy efficiency.

As a result from the discussion came the request for adoption of appropriate legislation that would regulate in a better way, the certification of buildings.

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