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How to save electricity in households?


• About what serves the labels for marking of electrical home appliances?
The European Union in 2010 adopted a new Directive for marking through labeling and standard product information for the consumption of energy and other resources for products that affect energy consumption (2010/30/EU). This is due to alignment and harmonization of national measures within the Union in terms of determining the minimum standards of the field of energy efficiency. The purpose of labels is the final customer in a clear and simple way to be informed about the performance of devices as well as to determine the purchase of energy efficient devices. The household appliances cannot be sold on the EU market without a label for energy department, visible on a prominent place clearly and no technical documentation supplied with the drive for energy class.

• Are the labels required for us?
According to EU Directive (2010/30/EU) in the Republic of Macedonia has been adopted a new law for marking the consumption of energy and other resources for energy-using products (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia no.154/2011).

• Which electrical appliances required to be marked?
Products which must be marked with labels:
-Cooling products for the household (electric refrigerators, freezers and their combinations)
-TV sets
-Washing machines (dryers drum and combined with washing machines and clothes dryers)
-Electric cookers
-Air conditioning and
All these devices are placed on the market should be marked with a label that contains the information specified in this Regulation. Suppliers and distributors need to provide technical promotional material that describes the specific technical parameters of the product.

new-eu-regulation-energy-efficiency-class-bars1• How helps us the label for marking the energy department?
Sticker helps us make better choices when buying household appliances, as it contains information on energy consumption and quality of operation of appliances. The letters in the designation of "A" to "G" show quality appliances as far as energy and other characteristics, and the camera is much better quality label is closer to A. Appliances with Energy Department "A", "A +", "A + +" and "A + + +" are the most efficient appliances. The additional designation "+" "+ +" and "+++"indicates that the device has greater energy efficiency than those with category "A".

• What contributes to higher efficiency of a device compared with another?
Differences between devices with different efficiency can be significant. They can occur as embedded motors, pumps, valves, electronic sensors and others. Although the two models look alike externally, possible is a big difference in consumption, which is a consequence of their construction difference.

• Why I should be concerned about the energy efficiency of devices?
There are two reasons. First, the accounts for the consumed electric energy will be reduced if you use energy efficient devices. Other, less consumption of energy by itself entails reduced pollution, preservation of environment and natural recourses. As an illustration we give evidence that for every kilowatt-hour of electricity produced in our plants is consumed approximately 2 kg of lignite.

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