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Twelfth “Gathering of experts in the field of Renewable sources of energy and Energy Efficiency”

IMG_6300On 01st of March 2012 at the Faculty for electrical engineering and information technologies in Skopje, the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia organized the 12th Meeting of experts in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. The topic of this Meeting was the Guide for introducing energy efficiency measures into public procurements, which was presented by the Dr. Sanja Popovska Vasilevska, writer of the Guide.

Due to the presence of several media, at the beginning of the meeting, the Director of the Energy Agency, Mr. Lazar Gechevski gave an interview where he explained the need for such a Guide in Republic of Macedonia, also briefly giving an explanation of the situation in the country regarding energy efficiency and at the end he gave an outline of the next steps and responsibilities of the Agency which will contribute in the process of improving the current situation and will help the country to get closer to the European trends. Beside the director, two more persons were invited to give their interviewsm Dr. Sanja Popovska Vasilevska, writer of the Guide and Dr. Petar Nikolovski, member of the working group for development of the Rulebook for energy characteristics of buildings initiated by the Energy Agency but coordinated and supported by CeProSard.

After the media left, the Meeting continued according to the agenda, with a short opening speech by Mr. Gechevski and then the presentation of Dr. Popovska Vasilevska. At the end, there was time for open debate where all the present guests could ask their questions, give their opinions or share their experiences so far regarding energy efficiency measures into public procurements. The development of this Guide was positively welcomed. At this Meeting of experts 25 people attended.

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