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Италијанска донација

Italian donation

The Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedoniawas granted with a donation for the purchase of a measuring station for wind power granted by the Italian Ministry for Environment, land and sea. The purcase of the equipment is related with the purchase of an measuring station for wind power through the GEF project. Because of the conection of this two projects and the difficul position that the GEF project is in, the purchase of the measuring equipment is in small delay.

Also from the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea was awarded a donation for the opening of the first Infocenter for energy in Macedonia. Infocenter for energy was opened on 06.09.2010, by  the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia. The objectives of Infocenter for energy focuson  providing  basic information and increase knowledge and application of measures for  energy  efficiency  and increased use of renewable sources of energy.

The Infocenter for energy is located on the street "Maksim Gorki" No. 11
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