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Electric tricycle

The Energy Agency started with the procedure for purchasing a tricycle with an electric plant which is planned to be operational by June.
This tricycle will be used for making small tours around the city of Skopje, as well as promoting the use of new technologies to reduce emissions of harmful exhaust gases, a topic which today is widely popular.
We think that  this way will encourage the citizens to use environmentally friendly means of transport and to develop their environmental awareness.


Charger for electric vehicles and bicycle

Municipality of Centre and the Public Enterprise for parking places of the Municipality Center are in negotiations with the Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia for setting a charger for electric vehicles and bicycles at 5 locations  in the downtown area.

One of the first planned locations where  will be mounted a charger for electric vehicles and bicycles will be the mounting parking in Kapishtec.

Interested investors will enter into Public Private partnership with  the Municipality Center- PE for parking places of the Municipality Center.


Rulebook for energy control

With the new Energy Law, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia is obliged to prepare Rulebook for energy control. For this purpose was formed a working group of experts, representatives from the Ministry of Economy, representatives of the Energy Agency and representatives from GTZ.

With this Rulebook  will be governed the way of training and advancement for energy controllers. The Energy Agency of Republic of Macedonia each year shall publish a public announcement for selection of entities for the implementation of training and passing the exams for energy controllers.

Drafting of the Rulebook for energy performance of buildings and the Methodology for determining the energy performance of buildings

The Energy Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, in cooperation with the Centre for sustainable agriculture practices and rural development – CeProSARD, began drafting the Rulebook for energy performance of buildings and the Methodology for determining the energy performance of buildings, in accordance with the requirements and conditions specified in Article 136 of the Law for Energy of the Republic of Macedonia.

For this purpose, a working group composed of experts, representatives from the Energy Agency and representatives from CeProSARD was formed.

Once the Rulebook and the Methodology are finished, a public hearing will be organized.


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